fateffinross said: I'm a white guy who loves black women so I like your blog for the most part. But you getting mad over black girls getting with white guys is hypocritical you love whites chicks almost as much as black chicks. Any way the girls I fuck with tell me the reason a lot of black girls who go for white guys is because black guys don't treat them right. So these girls make the switch. Not saying you don't treat anyone wrong I'm just giving you feed back on this situation. So blame your fellow black man. And big ups to them cause I get all that revenge pussy! Haha peace.

Read My lips Mr White guy: people on Tumblr take themselves and the things l say far too seriously!!! Hey I am not running for public office just posting porn pics and other assorted items on my porn blog.

I do  hope it’s FAT behemoths you are fucking not sweet sexy looking black babes. However your blog does not give any indication you actually like girls no black booty not even a little titty of a black chick you stuck your weiner in……………….. LOL SMDH

I hope a few of my fellow bro’s can add to the convo on black girls who feel they are not treated right by blackmen!!!! 

#hypocrite #revengepussy #blackguys #whiteguy